The Team

Danica Stach

Optician My name is Danica and I have been in the optical industry for nearly 10 years. For me, being an optician is the perfect combination of fashion and helping people and it’s been a fantastic career choice so far! Outside of work I spend a lot of time with my family or volunteering. My hobbies are as nerdy as they come. April in Calgary you can find me at the comic expo (usually dressed up!), and for the rest of the year I love to be in the pool or writing.

A Little Q & A with Danica

  • What do your friends call you?


  • What is your spirit animal?


  • What's a weird talent you have?

    I can lick my elbow

  • This or that?

    city / beach
    sweet / savoury
    cat / dog
    adventure / comfort
    books / movies
    nights in / nights out
    summer / winter
    coffee / tea
    early bird / night owl
    pizza / pasta
    breakfast / dinner

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