The Team


Kristin Murphy

Frame Stylist

Oh Hello! I’m Kristin.

I have been in the Optical Industry since 2015, and have been in the medical field since 2005. I stumbled into this career by chance, and have predominantly worked hands on in the lab cutting lenses and repairing glasses. I love the idea of having high quality handmade frames, each uniquely different, and the craftsmanship that goes along with that.

I love when people are adventurous with their eyewear! Colorful? Bold? Playful? Count me in! I love picking frames with people that they might not have picked for themselves, and finding something that they love and works well with their prescription!

A Little Q & A with Kristin

  • What do your friends call you?

    Kristin, K, Kristin Murphy, or occasionally Kris

  • What is your favourite animal?

    Sloth 100%. Have you ever watched that video with Kristin Bell and sloths? Yeah, that's me...

  • Go-to YYC eats?

    Shiki Mensa, Snowcapz and ANY food truck

  • What's a weird talent you have?

    I can juggle? Is that a "weird" talent?

  • What are you reading currently?

    Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, Homo Deus, Japanese for Busy People

  • This or that?

    city / beach
    sweet / savoury
    cat / dog
    adventure / comfort
    books / movies
    nights in / nights out
    summer / winter
    coffee / tea
    early bird / night owl
    pizza / pasta
    breakfast / dinner

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