The Team

Courtney Yeung (she/her)

Head of Connection/Optometric Assistant

Hi! My name is Courtney.

I was born and raised in Calgary. About 5 years ago I found my passion for eye care. I’m so excited to be a part of Sphere and to meet you all! When I’m not at work I love spending time outside with my two dogs, traveling, meeting new people, and having new experiences!

A Little Q & A with Courtney

  • What do your friends call you?

    Court or Nay Nay

  • What is your favourite animal?

    Maybe a panda. Always eating and super cute!

  • What's a weird talent you have?

    I can eat three bags of mini donuts without getting sick!

  • This or that?

    city / beach
    sweet / savoury
    cat / dog
    adventure / comfort
    books / movies
    nights in / nights out
    summer / winter
    coffee / tea
    early bird / night owl
    pizza / pasta
    breakfast / dinner

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