Sun and Sun Protection

Sun and Sun Protection - Blog Post Listings on Sphere Optometry

During the summer months, most of us love to spend as much time in the sun as we can. We all know that the sun is not always a friend to our skin, but what we might not know is that the sun can be harmful to our eyes as well (even if we aren’t staring directly at it). But don’t worry; this doesn’t mean we are destined to spend all of our warm days inside. There are many strategies available to help us to protect our eyes and enjoy the sun.

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Get the Fix!

Get the Fix! - Blog Post Listings on Sphere Optometry

The experience of dry eyes is a common one, especially if you wear contacts or stare at a computer screen all day. But what if there was a treatment that helped alleviate dry eyes and tightened the skin around your eyes at the same time? Sign us up!

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Eye Makeup and Ingredients to Avoid

Eye Makeup and Ingredients to Avoid - Blog Post Listings on Sphere Optometry

Have you ever thought about the ingredients in your eye makeup and how they might be affecting your eyes? I think we’ve all thought to ourselves at least once, “If it’s made to be put on my eyes, it must not be hurting them.” Well, unfortunately, that isn’t so. While makeup companies are not trying to directly hurt us, they are more focused on ensuring their products perform in new and marketable ways.

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Total Eye Wellness

Total Eye Wellness - Blog Post Listings on Sphere Optometry

In light of the current state of our world and the uncertainty of the future, at Sphere, we want you to know that we are here for you. These are incredibly unsettling times, leaving some of us with endless free time and others with the challenge of trying to save the world. No matter what your situation through this global pandemic, we want to help. So, we would like to stay in touch with a new perspective on wellness...

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FEATURED: Andy Wolf - Blog Post Listings on Sphere Optometry

Andy Wolf owns their entire process from the initial design, to shaping acetate blocks into frames, until they land at Sphere. Once the middle part and temples have been shaped, the frames go through several stages of cleaning, grinding and polishing to guarantee maximum comfort when worn....

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Featured: Tom Ford

Featured: Tom Ford - Blog Post Listings on Sphere Optometry

Tom Ford was born in Austin, Texas, but spent most of his childhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico. During his teens, Ford moved to New York and enrolled at New York University, initially attending courses in art history. He later redirected his studies to concentrate on architecture at Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris....

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FEATURED: Lowercase NYC - Blog Post Listings on Sphere Optometry

Built out of a love for eyewear and an appreciation for true craftsmanship, Lowercase was established in 2016 with a mission to localize the trade of eyewear to the US, while creating a product that is second to none in quality and design.

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