Sphere recently welcomed medical aesthetician, Monique Bryson, to the team and we couldn’t be happier to have her join us! Monique comes to us with an extensive career in traditional healthcare that has spanned over 25 years. Beginning in emergency medicine, clinical work, and now medical aesthetics, Monique brings a well-rounded and experienced approach that has helped us to further marry the worlds of ocular and whole body health in general, and to increase our offering of advanced treatment options for dry eye disease.

We chatted with Monique to bring you some insight into her approach, experience, and new passion for optical wellness. 

Sphere: When did you join the Sphere team? 

Monique: I joined the Sphere team in April of this year. I’m passionate about assisting patients on a full-wellness journey and branching into eye health was a natural next step for me.  

Sphere: What services do you offer at our clinic? 

Monique: I offer a multitude of services to our clients at Sphere including skincare consultations, skincare product recommendations, chemical peels, Forma facials, Forma I and Lumecca I dry eye services, Lumecca laser treatments, and Morpheus8 treatments. 

No matter what the service, I’m passionate about giving concierge service to all my patients  in case of questions or concerns, appointment requests, ingredient research, and product selection. Everyone has such unique skin and eye concerns, so I’m fully committed to an individualized approach. 

Sphere: What is your beauty philosophy? 

Monique: No matter your personal choice of interventions or treatments, healthy eyes, skin, body and mind are for everyone!

Sphere: Tell us about your personal approach as a medical esthetician? 

Monique: I believe that aesthetic treatments don’t have to be intimidating or aggressive, and I do my best to be approachable to all those who come to me looking for wellness help. I love to educate my patients about available treatments and truly listen to their questions about their needs and wants. Even when it comes to patient investment, I always try to find the best fit for everyone. My goal is to approach each patient in a friendly way with professionalism and no judgment when it comes to openly discussing skin issues and desired results. 

Sphere: What brought you to the world of eye health? 

Monique: I’m a passionate learner and consistently growing as a professional is important to me. I have worked in many facets of the medical industry from emergency services, to surgical assisting, to allergy testing, to clinic management and beyond. When I branched into medical aesthetics and dry eye treatments became more innovative, I knew it was a natural next step for me to become educated and apply my knowledge to that space. 

Sphere: What is the connection between eye health and aesthetics? 

Monique: Branching into eye health allowed me to better understand the lack of standardized patient education and priority we place on dry eye management and ocular wellness. People tend to prioritize other facets of their health like dental needs, but it goes without saying the importance our eyes play in our lives. 

To me, the eyes are a key part of total body wellness and an important portion of aesthetics. Like our skin, our eyes age and change, and there are great interventions and help for people with concerns.  

Sphere: What is your advice for people looking to improve optical wellness? 

Monique: Come start your journey at Sphere! Make sure you book your yearly eye exams, come for a complimentary dry eye assessment with our doctors, or see me for a complimentary skin consultation. I love to consult on a wide range of medical aesthetic topics. Anything from dry eye treatments to maintenance routines to what sunscreen to use, I’m here to help!

Welcome to the team, Monique!