Made with a mission in NYC.

Built out of a love for eyewear and an appreciation for true craftsmanship, Lowercase was established in 2016 with a mission to localize the trade of eyewear to the US, while creating a product that is second to none in quality and design.

The design of each frame embodies its own particular story. Inspired by music, location, history and events of the city, you truly are wearing a piece of New York. The details of the frames are purposeful and play to each theme. From bold lines to underlying detail, the designs are unique and allow artistic expression for each individual.

Every pair is made in their Brooklyn workshop from start to finish, by combining modern technology with traditional methods.

The Lowercase Philosophy

Lowercase NYC believes the best products are made when there’s an intimate knowledge of the process that makes them. They take an immersive approach to design and production, sourcing the best materials and employing both new technologies and hand-finishing techniques. Their 30-step process – from design to delivery – is done in the Brooklyn Army Terminal workshop. Nothing leaves their hands until it’s on its way to you.

Lowercase is proud to only source Italian and Japanese Acetate, Carl Zeiss Sun Lenses, and German engineered hinges from OBE.

A difference you can feel.

Acetate is a cotton based plastic that is often produced by hand by skilled craftspeople. It’s patterns and colors are infinite, and Lowercase NYC spends a lot of time seeking out the best acetates for our highly curated collection. Because it has an organic base, acetate will slowly mold to your head shape over time, increasing with comfort as you wear the glasses. It is also commonly used for eyewear because it is hypo-allergenic, so no need to worry about nasty petroleum based plastics sitting on your face all day!

We promise you, it’s a difference you can feel.

Lowercase produces only what they need, using new technologies to reduce waste and improve quality.

The smallest possible footprint.

When it really comes down to it, the health of our planet and it’s inhabitants are the bottom line. Lowercase believes deeply in creating products built to last, because the less they make, the less they contribute to the deterioration of the place we call home. While Lowercase has acknowledged and accepted that no plastic product is truly sustainable, they have built Lowercase around a model that is designed to have the smallest possible footprint.

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