At Sphere, we have a deep love for beautiful hand-crafted, independent eyewear, and Andy Wolf is definitely one of our favourite collections. We love their contemporary designs, and their constant provision of new looks and trends to take us into every season. Read on to learn more about ANDY WOLF!


 ANDY WOLF is determined to be a brand characterized by dedication. Every member of the ANDY WOLF family puts their heart and soul into their work. Everyone is prepared to give and take, to value and support each other, to love and support one another, and to grow together.

The ANDY WOLF brand is recognizable by its expressive design, their experience and craftsmanship, and their courage and personality.

In the beginning…

ANDY WOLF began as an idea between friends. Andreas Pirkheim (Andy) and Wolfgang Scheucher (Wolf) founded ANDY WOLF in 2006 with a big vision: combining local and traditional eyewear craftsmanship with contemporary, innovative design. ANDY WOLF is now sold in 69 countries.

“ANDY WOLF is about more than just eyewear. ANDY WOLF is direct, honest and transparent. We express what is important to us; we don’t make promises that we can’t keep; we communicate and we listen.”

Quality and Design

Each piece of ANDY WOLF eyewear is handmade. The ANDY WOLF creative team drafts, designs, builds, and assembles with enthusiasm until a piece of ANDY WOLF eyewear is perfect. They use the highest quality materials, and their proximate production facility allows them to guarantee impeccable quality and construction, which you can feel in every frame.


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