Shopping small is something we hold dear to our hearts at Sphere. We prize small independent eyewear designers because of their creativity, attention to detail, and unique style. KALEOS is one of our favourite small brands, and we love to support the innovation and style they bring to eyewear. Read on to learn more about KALEOS.


KALEOS is a relatively new brand of eyewear based in Barcelona, Spain that provides unique designs with every collection they launch. Claudia Brotons and Juan Gassó launched their first KALEO collection in 2014 at SILMO, an international optics and eyewear trade fair in Paris. Orders gradually increased over time, and they went from working after hours and on weekends moulding and shaping each piece of their collection, to needing an office and a small team, and now international distribution (including Sphere!).

The KALEOS Style

KALEOS works to create a new optical and sunglass collection every six months. Each collection is created based on a different theme and they create numerous pieces to guarantee they have the right models to make up each collection. They are meticulous with the technical details of each frame ensuring perfection in the small details to make each piece exactly how they imagined it to be.

Claudia’s knowledge and experience in the fashion industry has given the brand a foothold in the fashion world and allowed them to be trend-setters and transcend “preconceived notions of style.”

A large key to the KALEOS style is their home, Barcelona. “Barcelona is part of our DNA, along with a Mediterranean influence and European touches,” Claudia told 20/20 Europe for a 2018 article.


In creating and innovating for style and fashion, KALEOS is simultaneously focused on the quality and craftsmanship of each piece. The construction and engineering of the eyewear designs they create is part of the journey of each unique collection. The small details are what make each piece new and unique, and each piece matters to them. The production process for one pair of glasses or sunglasses can take between 40 and 60 days using the highest quality materials, including Italian acetates and lens companies.

You can find KALEOS at select optician and fashion concept stores in more than 20 countries, and of course at Sphere!


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