MYKITA is a Berlin-based eyewear manufacturer set apart by its origin story which has directed their vision and culture, and their unique manufacturing philosophy.

In 2003, MYKITA was founded in the premises of a former children’s daycare facility, called Kita. This inspired the name My Kita, as well as their culture of curiosity and play.


“We started with a clear aesthetic vision and a readiness to do things ourselves. Creating an open-minded work environment and a sense of integrity toward everything in and around the product came intuitively.”


For MYKITA, they believe one of their greatest assets is that they develop their own tools and process to meet design requirements, ensuring every design can be realized and executed. This ability was born out of necessity with no one to manufacture their original eyewear designs. With the same independent and pioneering spirit that shaped Berlin, they set up their own in-house production.

“At its heart, the modern manufactory is the combination of specialized craftsmanship and adapted new technologies.”

MYKITA’s current home is settled in a historic building in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg and headed by founder Moritz Krueger. Their team includes a mix of people with diverse cultural backgrounds and individual talents.

“The interplay between people and disciplines drives the joy for experimentation and commitment to quality reflected in our products.”


Material integrity is what drives the design language of MYKITA, with emphasis on the most appealing properties of the materials they work with. You can recognise a MYKITA frame by being able to tell how it was built, such as their patented openly displayed spiral hinge.

“The technical solution much also be aesthetic.”

MYKITA is focused on challenging norms and creating new aesthetic impulses within eyewear, through advancing their constructions, materials, and surfaces, which contributes to the characteristic modernity of their frames.

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