Who is RAEN

RAEN is an eyewear collection that embodies the essence of Oceanside, California and was founded by brothers, Justin and Jeremy Heit, who were born and raised in Oceanside. RAEN, as a brand, is inspired by the long history of creative expression from the flourishing community of surfers, skaters, and artists who surround the Heit brothers on the daily.

With individual passions for surfing and skateboarding, each brother brought their own experience to RAEN – Justin through working for Nixon and Libre Design Agency, and Jeremy as a professional surfer turned sales, marketing, and design executive. The two came together when they saw an opportunity to create premium handmade eyewear with a clean, classic aesthetic. Just like that, RAEN was born.

Inspired by classics.

Handmade for today.

Their Process and Product

Every pair of RAEN frames is designed in their California design studio and handmade to their exact original vision, using the highest-grade cellulose acetate. Handmade acetate frames are ideal because they can be heated and molded to achieve the optimum fit and offer the wearer more flexibility and comfort. Raen’s seamless process pays meticulous attention to detail and quality and it’s for all of these reasons that Raen is one of our favourite collections at Sphere.  We just love how they have perfected that southern California aesthetic, ideal for hot sunny days and and beachside vacations, giving us that chill summer feeling all year round!


“Oceanside has a long

history of expression,

creativity and a

flourishing community of

surfers, skaters, and

artists who inspire us on

the daily.”

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