At Sphere, our search for the most stylish independent eyewear brands is ongoing and we delight in finding new looks and designers to bring light to and share with our valued friends, patients, and customers. It is for these reasons we were so delighted to bring the new line from AHLEM into the shop. With the perfect combination of French class and LA style, AHLEM is an eyewear designer that everyone can be excited about! Read on to learn all about AHLEM.


Ahlem Manai-Platt was born and raised in Paris. She earned a degree in history and worked as a journalist in her early career. However, having grown up in a city as rich and energetic as Paris, the fashion industry soon swept her up and held on tight. Ahlem made the shift to fashion starting at the fashion house Acne, and then moved on to Prada.  She left Prada in 2012 to start her own consulting firm that helped emerging French designers build their brands. As a fan of sunglasses, she then realized she wanted to become a designer herself and dipped her toe in the world of eyewear design, launching AHLEM in 2014.

ALHEM is currently based in Los Angeles with a flagship store in Venice Beach that highlights the importance of design. AHLEM is known for their use of organic shapes and elegant geometries that go beyond current trends to highlight the concept that “functional objects of superior design and quality are always relevant.”


Quality was one of the most important aspects in the AHLEM brand from the beginning. Manai-Platt spent months persuading a manufacturer in the south of France to create her prototypes because she had such a strong vision for the quality of her brand. She told 20/20 magazine, “The first month of my brand, we were sold out. I think it’s because we really are distinctive in terms of quality.”

AHLEM designs are currently manufactured by skilled French artisans who have had their craft passed down to them through generations. AHLEM is fiercely loyal to these craftsmen and determined to preserve their traditions and artistry. With sustainability as a fundamental value as well, AHLEM creates pieces that are built for longevity with a belief in “investing in fewer, finer things.”

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