At Sphere, finding the perfect eyewear style(s) for everyone who walks through our doors is so important to us, so we are always looking for new independent brands that offer new unique styles. Which is why we have brought in the newest line from KREWE. Read below to learn more about KREWE and why we are so excited to offer this brand at Sphere.


KREWE’s Origins

KREWE is an independent eyewear brand based in New Orleans that encompasses the vibrant and eclectic culture of its founding city. Twenty-five-year-old Stirling Barrett created KREWE as a way of breaking out of his photography background and expressing his artistic talents into something he could sell. With inspiration from his grandfather’s vintage eyewear collection, he jumped into the world of eyewear. In doing so he wanted to highlight the all-encompassing vibe of the city he lived in and world around him. The sights, sounds, and people of New Orleans inspired his iconic designs, which are now beloved by locals and embraced by fashion icons (Beyoncé and Meghan Markle!).

In 2019, Stirling Barrett was named as a Forbes 30 under 30 of the most influential innovators in art and style.


The KREWE Vibe

New Orleans is a city where artists and creatives are embraced and work together in community supporting each other. It has become a southern style mecca, made possible by the richly artistic atmosphere, which has allowed KREWE an opportunity to design authentically.

Stirling Barrett told Forbes, “We built KREWE from New Orleans, inspired by New Orleans – when a brand is a city, you can do so much more to bring people into the brand.”

KREWE’s signature “do you” ethos is evident in every piece of eyewear. Even the classic designs are made new and are “tricked out” with unique touches. KREWE’s vision is to allow each person to express their individual style through their eyewear.

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